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Today Dad and I are running the British 10K to raise funds for the Special Olympics.

This will be the furthest distance I have ever run. Wish me luck and hope dad can keep up, his furthest race was the Toft Village Jubilee fun run which was 1.5km.

Dad and I ran the event in 1hour 20mins for a sprinter I was very pleased with this, we were really pleased that Mum, Will, Harriet and Connor came to cheer us on. Mum was very jealous when I told her I got to meet Ray Wilkins earlier in the day.

After this event it is back into sprint training for the Europeon Championships in Russia in September.


Some More Photo’s of when I carried the torch at Haverford West on 27.5.12

I was very luckly to be given the opportunity to be an Olympic Torch Bearer, I did my run on 27.5.12 in Haverford West.

Fastastic day and made me very proud.

Day one of competition and I did the 100m winning my first gold in a time on 15.56 (second place was 19.19) in torrential rain.

Day Two and I did the 400m winning my second gold with a time of 1.24 (second place was 1.44)

Day Three and I did the 200m winning my third gold in a time of 33.13 not a pb but a seasons best (second place was 41.24)
Also did the Longjump with 2.48 (second place was 2.43) but myself and the girl who came second usually jump around 2.90 & 2.80 respectively so we were abit of the mark.

Arrived in the Azores, no sunshine yet but lots of rain and floods, feels like being at home in England.

We have a few days to get sorted before the competition, so we are off Whale watching!

Training for the competition. Will keep you posted how it goes.

Wish me luck


This was a home competition for C&C who hosted the Southern Womens league, so it was nice to take part in an event with all my training partners, I was a now scorer but really pleased with my Longjump which was 2.75, my 100 was abit slow at 16.1 but my 200m has improved to 33.9.

Hopefully will get it down further for my next competition which is in the Azores on 15.5.12

Had my first competition this weekend I did the 200m and came third with a time of 34.4 way off my PB of 32.5 but its the start of the season. Well done to my friend and winner of the event Vicki who I went to Athens with.

Not brilliant but its a start.

I was invited by Special Olympics to do a promotion for them which is the London 10K, the orgainsers of the British 10K are making Special Olympics one of there charities and Special Olympics are hoping to get 2012 runners to take part in the event.

At the promotion I met Special Olympic ambassadors Heather Small, Anna Hemmings, Darren Campbell, Chris Kamara and Katherine Merry. Our photograph appeared in OK magazine (issue no 822)

Charlotte and the Special Olympic Ambassadors

My little sister Harriet came along to the shoot with me and treated me to lunch afterwards!

Hello Everyone,

I am really excited to share with you that I am one of the very lucky 8000 Torch Bearers who will be running the torch relay around the whole of the UK.

I am doing my relay on 27.5.12 in Haverfordwest somewhere I have never been but really excited to see.

A big thank you to everyone who nominated me and especially to everyone at Special Olympics GB and Coca Cola I truly recognise how lucky I am to have this honour.