Charlotte Cox

Athlete and Sports Personality

Competed for my club Cambridge and Coleridge in the Southern Women’s league at Cambridge, I did 3 events the 100m, 200m and Long jump. It was really nice to take part in a competition with my training group, I get a lot of support from them.

I did well, got a Seasons best in my long jump and good training for the Special Olympics Summer Games in Bath on 28.8.13 – Wish me luck!

Represented GB at the European Championships in Rome. Had a great games winning all four of my events the 100m, 200m, 400m and Longjump, and set a new world record in the 100m.

Had a great games and a really good time in Rome.

After the Competition We stayed on and Mum, Dad and I did some sightseeing in Rome, Dad and I planned the trip based on the Angels and Demon tour, great fun I just love Italy.

I represented the Athletics Team at the promotion of the Special Olympics Summer Games

I took part in the DSE Eastern Regional Championships at Chelmsford – It was only my second competition of the year but am really pleased with my performance.

Longjump = 2.64 (Bronze Medal)
200m = 34.3 (Silver Medal)
100M = 15.8 (Silver Medal)

I was beaten by Holly from Norwich who is off to the Global Games in a few weeks to represent GB in Prague – Good Luck Holly and all the GB Team. I am focussing my training now on European Champs in Rome end of June.


First competition of the season I competed for the Club at Ipswich in the Southern Womens League

I did the Longjump (2.15) , 100m (15.7) and 200m (34.8).

Always good to get the first competition under way as a benchmark for times/distances. Mine were a little slow but only 1st competition, time to Improve by end of June for IAADS European Championships in Rome.

What a year I had in 2012, for everyone its been a year of sports and I am very proud to have been a torch bearer in both the Olympics and the Paralympics. Next time I want to take part and hopefully by RIO Learning Disability athletes will be allowed to compete in the sprint events. So come on IPC get it sorted.

For now I am really pleased with my achievements:
May 2012 World Championships in the Azores winning four Gold Medals and retaining my 4 world records in the 100m 200m 400m and Longjump.
September 2012 European Championships in Russia Gold in the 400m and set a new world record and Silver in the 4 x 100m relay

I also won my club Cambridge and Coleride Female Track Performer of the year award. I was lucky to also be Living Sports Local disabled sports performer of the year and was presented with my trophy by Jody Cundy.

Keep watching for 2013 – Some club events in April then off to Rome in May for European Championships and Bath for Special Olympics Summer Games.

This was my last competition of the season and I ran the 100 and 200m winning both, I equalled my PB in the 100m but a little of the mark for my 200mb in a time of 33.09 (32.5psb)

Good close to a great year where I set new world records, got 5 Gold medals at Internationals and feel really happy and focussed for next year.

No more comps until later in the year (inside) but my training routine keeps going so drop back soon and see what I am up to.


I was not prepared for it to be quite so cold, even the Russian had hats and gloves on!.

We started the week with heats for all the events, I am doing the 200m, 400m and the 4 x 100m relay. Wednesday I did my 200m final, which was a really fast race I came 6th in a time of 33.09 not far of my PB (32.5) but way slower than the Lativan winner (28sec) a disappointing start but I did my best, and have to focus for my 400m tomorrow.

Thursday 13th proved to be lucky for me as I had the 400m final which I won with a personal best time of 78sec (perviously 83) it was a really fast race I gave it my all and at end of it had to be carried off the track as I had nothing left. I was really proud of myself especially as some of the girls from the the 200m were in it!.

Friday 14th – We were not sure if we were going to be able to do the relay as Llonis (our third leg runner) and team member who qualified us for final had to go to hospital and have her leg set in plater. Rachael our other team mate has stepped in, we did lots of practising and we came second, Sam lead off, passing to Hannah who passed to Rachael and I just had to get it home fast and safely. We were really thrilled to get second place.

Wow what a day we all did so well, overall our team of 10 Athletes won 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 8 Bronze Medals, our Coaches, Steve, Erika, Andy and Julia were very proud of us.

We arrived in Moscow 10.9.12 quick overnight stop before our flight to Yosker-Ola tomorrow.

We did a night tour of Red Square and an Open Bus tour of the city.
Looking forward to the competiton starting tomorrow

Bye for now


Really excited about competing in Russia for the Special Olympics.

We fly out to Moscow on 9.9.12. Hannah one of my team mates from Athens will be going too. I will be competiting in the 200m, 400m and 4×100 Relay – I will do my best.

Wish me luck