It was a disappointing start to the day as we were unable to do the relay heats as we still have quite a few of the team poorly, with a tummy bug so not enough to do a relay. Our coach along with a number of the other national team coaches (who have also had squad members struck down with the tummy bug) have lodged an official challenge in the hope that we can compete in races later in the week. I did my long jump heat not one of my best jumps but hopefully I will get a better in the next round.

Mum & Dad had fun getting to the stadium in Athens there is a 48hr bus/train/tram strike, so they got a Taxi. The bus company drivers are very good to the Special Olympics teams and they are allowed to drive us, so we have not been seeing or unduly affected by the protestors, or any of the problems.

Here is a picture of me and the long jump.

Jen and Gina the real Coca Cola girls who make all the videos I have been doing were filming today, they did some of me, the family and other spectators. Here is a picture of them in front of the camera for a change (Jen on Left and Gina on the right)