Today was my first day at the Olympic Stadium it was amazing to be at such a venue. I didn’t have any events today so I was allowed to spend the morning with all my family. I hadn’t seen Mum and Dad for over a week so it was really good to see them and have a catch up.

Me outside the Athens Olympic Stadium.

We stayed at the stadium and supported the other team members, and went to see some of the other events Tennis, Basketball, Powerlifting, Swimming. Early afternoon I had to leave the stadium to get ready to go to the British Ambassador’s reception. It was formal but good fun, unfortunately not all of the team could go some are in hospital or in quarantine. I also got to interview Tim Shriver the International president of the Special Olympics and the son of Eunice Kennedy Shriver the founder of the Special Olympics movement (and sister of JFK) for the Coca Cola blog, he was really nice and made me feel really relaxed it was a fun interview to do.

Mr Shriver is much more experienced at doing this sort of thing than I am but he is such a warm person he quickly put me at ease and we got a really good interview which you can see on the You tube site: