This morning we enjoyed a wonderful opening ceremony with all the athletes.  There was lots of Mexican dancing it was very colourful.  The weather has been kind to us today, the sun has found Mexico again – but it is very hot.  Mum has had to buy us hats to keep us a bit cooler.

We have been joined by a lady from the British Embassy who has come to watch the opening ceremony and the first few events.  It has been very useful having her here as she has been able to translate for us.  She has to leave us tomorrow as she has to accompany the British Abassador to an event.

Mum has been speaking to a man from the press who is doing an article for British expatriates living in Mexico – mum was surprised as he was not local but from Manchester.

Everyone is very kind and friendly.  People keep coming up to me and saying “hello Charlotte” and having their photos taken with me.  It seems that many of the countries when trying to find out about the competition have been “Googling” World Games, Mexico and finding my blog – so everyone has been following my blog all round the world.

My friend Mikael and I in our GB kit.

The first events will start this evening a little later than expected from 5pm until 9pm (11pm to 3am UK time).