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Our friend Patricia from the British Embassy in Mexico has posted a news article on the embassy web site about the competition.

If you would like to view it here is the link to the web site:

Had a restful day after the hard work of the last week.  Mum and I did some shopping today to pick up some gifts for the family.

We’re both looking forward to going home now – it’s been a wonderful experience but we miss everybody.

We start our journey home tomorrow lunchtime (6.00pm UK time).  We first fly to Phoenix then a quick change and onto Los Angeles where we have another quick change onto our Virgin flight to Heathrow.  We arrive back in the UK at 3.50pm on Wednesday.

Can’t wait to get home and sleep in my own bed and have a nice cup of tea.

This is me with all four of my gold medals,  I’m so pleased.

All four Gold medals

We had a wonderful celebration dinner to close the event.  Mum and some of the other families had a little too much to drink.  We enjoyed Mexican dancing in the evening then we all danced until late into the night.

Today I did the 200m and the long jump.  The 200m is my favourite event and in blistering temperatures I suceeding in winning my third gold medal – in my fastest time of the season.  I was pleased with that.

In the long jump, not my best event, I jumped 2.84m which is close to my personal best.  The nearest girl jumped 2. 76m – so I won my fourth gold medal.

Tonight we have a celebration dinner when we will learn how the team did and the closing ceremony.  It’s been a wonderful games and I’ve met so many wonderful people.

Mexico has been a wonderful country and it’s been a fantastic games.

I’m looking forward to the next one.

The 200m and Long Jump Golds

I’m so proud to have represented my country and I’m pleased that I have been able to do so well for the family and friends that have made it possible for me to get here.

My second event, the 400m – and my second Gold.  This is not one of my usual events but Mum had entered me; she thought if we’d gone all the way to Mexico then I ought to compete in as many events as I can.

I have the 200m heats and finals and the long jump tomorrow – the long jump is not my best event so we’ll have to see how it goes.

I’ve been invited to competitions in Columbia and South Africa – not sure whether Mum will let me go.

It was the most nervous I’ve been before a race.  The starter warned all the girls that if anyone had a false start they would be disqualified.  It was a tough race in very hot conditions.

Mum said it would be a Trivial Pursuits question in the future:

Q. What was the first national anthem played at the first World Games for Athletes with Down Syndrome.

A. God Save The Queen

I won Gold – it was fantastic.  When I stood on the podium and they played the National Anthem I felt so proud, everybody cheered and Mum cried.

The World Champion - 100m

Tomorrow it’s the long jump and possibly the 400m.

This morning we enjoyed a wonderful opening ceremony with all the athletes.  There was lots of Mexican dancing it was very colourful.  The weather has been kind to us today, the sun has found Mexico again – but it is very hot.  Mum has had to buy us hats to keep us a bit cooler.

We have been joined by a lady from the British Embassy who has come to watch the opening ceremony and the first few events.  It has been very useful having her here as she has been able to translate for us.  She has to leave us tomorrow as she has to accompany the British Abassador to an event.

Mum has been speaking to a man from the press who is doing an article for British expatriates living in Mexico – mum was surprised as he was not local but from Manchester.

Everyone is very kind and friendly.  People keep coming up to me and saying “hello Charlotte” and having their photos taken with me.  It seems that many of the countries when trying to find out about the competition have been “Googling” World Games, Mexico and finding my blog – so everyone has been following my blog all round the world.

My friend Mikael and I in our GB kit.

The first events will start this evening a little later than expected from 5pm until 9pm (11pm to 3am UK time).

Visited the event track today – it’s a typical municipal athletics stadium like I’m used to running on.  All the teams had an open training session, there are some very strong teams from South America.

All the teams’ officials have a briefing this evening in readiness for the start of events tomorrow.  The opening ceremony will take place tomorrow morning and I have my first event in the afternoon the 100m (heats and final).  Competition will run from 4.00pm until 8.00pm tomorrow afternoon and evening (10.00pm – 2.00am UK time).

Moved to the official event hotel today, meeting all the different delegations as they arrive.  Around 40 countries are here at the last count including China, South Africa, Italy, Austria, Finland and numerous South American countries, more are expected before the competion starts.

We get to visit the track tomorrow where the competition will be held.  It will be an opportunity to do some proper training.

Today is Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary.  This is the longest time they’ve been apart in 24 years of marriage.  Dad had a lovely bouquet of flowers delivered – Mum loved them.

The weather is disrupting training.  The middle of the day is unbearably hot and every afternoon and evening we’ve been here has seen heavy rain and thunder storms.  Training is limited to aqua aerobics in the swimming pool – it’s the colest place to be.  

If the weather continues like this it will disrupt the games as all the events are programmed to take place in the late afernoon early evening – to avoid the mid day heat.