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I am just back from the IAADS world Championships in Madeira, I am really pleased with my performance especially setting a new World Record in the Longjump.

5 x Gold medals and I get a real thrill from the competition, going out and performing and doing my best

I was so pleased to be able to compete in the new II2 Classification for Down Syndrome Athletes at the Inas Summer Championships in Paris.

Thrilled to get 3 Gold medals

I am thrilled and excited to be able to share with you that UKSA and INAS are trailing the introduction of two new classifications one for Autism and the other for Down Syndrome this coming summer in Paris for the INAS Summer Games. This is a huge step and one I hope will lead to the paralympics inclusion of athletes with Down Syndrome.

I have been selected to represent GB at the Games in Paris. I will work really hard and do my best.

Soooooooo Excited


UKSA announce British Team heading to Paris to first Inas European Summer Games

I have just returned from Portugal, representing GB at the IAADS European Championships in Porto.

Great games I won 5 x gold medals in:
100m, 200m, 400m, longjump and multi-event (100m, long jump and shot-put) Really pleased with my Performance.

I was very lucky to attend the Special Olympics Summer Games – In Sheffield.

I competed in the 100m, 200m 4 x 100m relay and Longjump. Good competition but rained all week. Had a great 4 x 100m relay, and we won Gold.

I had a great competition at the Mencap Nationals, I competed in the 400m and 200m, and I set a new IAADS world records for the 200m = 31.84

I am look forward to the Special Olympics Summer Games in August in Sheffield

Please help me and other athletes with Down Syndrome achieve our dreams and get to the paralympics

Please sign the petition the president of the international Paralympic committee
Sorry I have tried to put the link it but I can’t get it to work so please just do a search on the above

Thank you

I am just back from Florence where I represented GB at the ‘Trisomy Games’. The games which started on 15.7.2016 through to 22.7.16 was attended by 36 countries with athletes competing in Athletics, Swimming, Table Tennis, Judo, Gymnastics and Football

I was really pleased with my performance where I won 5 Gold medals and 1 bronze and set two new world records in the 400m and Triathlon (100m Longjump and Shot Put).

My individual events were
100m 15.7 (Gold)
200m 33 (Gold)
400m 1.17.60 (Gold)
Longjump 2.72 (Gold)
Triathlon 2091 points (Gold)
Shot put 4.17 (Bronze)

I had a great time with my team mates:
Mikael Undrom, Mark Palmer and Michael McKinlay – we ran an awesome relay!

Well today was very interesting, Mum lost her way to Eton, so we arrived just as the starter set off the 200m!

I did the 100m and my time was 15.4, met up with Hettie again who had a really good race.

As we had time on our hands did some Longjump training, and got some really good tuition from Ian Nolan (Peterborough Special Olympics) – thank you Ian.

Lots of practice now for the Trisomy Games in Florence in two weeks time.

I will do my best for you!

Had a really good competition at Chelmsford, and really pleased with my times:

100m = 15.31
200m = 33.5
Longjump 2.47

Need to do some work on my Longjump!

Great to meet up with Hettie, who is great competition.

Really pleased with my times they will be good basis for Florence. Lots more training on Longjump!